Aya & Gabe

Saturday - November 09, 2024

Aya & Gabe

Saturday - November 09, 2024

Bride and Groom

Welcome to our wedding website!

We, the bride and groom, have rolled the dice and decided not only to move to the dazzling city of Las Vegas but also to elope right here in the heart of neon lights and endless nights. In true non-traditional fashion, our wedding will be just like us: spontaneous, a bit unconventional, and absolutely unforgettable. With friends and family scattered across the states, we thought, "What better way to kick off our next big adventure than in a city famous for its thrills?" We’re excited to settle down (or as much as two wanderers can) in Vegas, a place that keeps the dice rolling and the neon lights glowing. We're throwing a big reception party to share our love and joy with you all. So, save the date for a night of unforgettable festivities—Vegas style. What happens at our wedding, stays at our wedding... except for the photos, which will definitely make it to Instagram.


Gabe + Aya




Wedding Reception

Saturday - November 09, 2024


The Sideyard at Sunset Gardens
3931 Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120


Sunset Station Hotel and Casino
1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014


As we hit the jackpot with each other and double-down on forever, your presence at our celebration is the greatest gift we could ask for! If you're feeling lucky and keen to wager on our future adventures, a cash gift would be like hitting a royal flush for us as we save for our next big adventure (like building a fort out of dollar bills or maybe even starting to make cute babies).
For those who’d rather deal us a hand with something to unwrap, we’ve rolled the dice and set up a small registry on Amazon. You can find it under our names, or take a chance with this lucky link:

Thank you for joining us at our high-stakes love fest.
We can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!

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Nariah & Gabriel